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How to Invite Your Accountant or Bookkeeper to MyCase Accounting
How to Invite Your Accountant or Bookkeeper to MyCase Accounting
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When your firm chooses to purchase the Accounting add-on, MyCase will offer one free MyCase Accounting license per firm to support your organization's independent accountant. With this license, your accountant or external bookkeeper will only be able to access the MyCase Accounting, Billing, and select Reports, not the rest of our case and practice management platform. This helps ensure sensitive case and client data is not divulged. In order to qualify for a free Accountant License, your accountant must be an independent, third-party contractor.

To add your accountant/bookkeeper to MyCase, select Settings in the upper right hand corner of your MyCase account and select All Settings from the drop down menu. Then, select Firm Settings from the left hand column of the page. Next, select Add-Ons within the Firm Settings section and select Add Accountant.

You will need to provide the following information for your accountant:

  • Name

  • Email

  • Phone Number

  • Accountant firm name

  • Confirmation that they are not an employee of your firm

Once the above is confirmed, MyCase will provision them with a free license. They will receive an email to set up a password to access the account. After they create a password, they will be able to login like other MyCase users at

What will my Accountant/Bookkeeper see?

Below you will find a few examples of pages that your accountant/bookkeeper will be able to see as a part of their free Accounting license.

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