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Statute of Limitations Dates
Statute of Limitations Dates

MyCase has a built-in tool for managing your Statute of Limitations (SOL) dates.

Written by Crystal Lindsey
Updated over a week ago

MyCase has a built-in tool for managing your Statute of Limitations (SOL) dates. You will never have to worry about missing a Statute of Limitations deadline ever again. This help article will show you how to create and monitor Statute of Limitations dates for your cases.

Enable the Statute of Limitations feature

Your firm's Master User will have to enable this feature before it can be used. To enable, open the Settings page. Then, under the Firm Settings menu on the left, click on Firm Preferences. Make sure the Statute of Limitations section says Enabled. You will also have the option to set up default Statue of Limitation date reminders.

Defining a Statute of Limitations date on a case

When opening a new case, there will be a date picker that lets you define a SOL date for the case (pictured below). Once you've defined a date, you will then have the option to create one or many reminders that get triggered before the SOL date arrives. Reminders will be sent to all firm users linked to the case.

User-added image

You can edit the SOL date on an existing case by opening that case's details page, then clicking on the Edit button.

Unsatisfied vs. Satisfied

MyCase lets you keep track of which Statute of Limitations are unsatisfied and satisfied. This makes it simple to know whether or not a particular case needs immediate attention or not. When you open a Case Details Page, under the case's name, you'll notice a field for Statute of Limitations (pictured below).

You will either see the that the SOL is Unsatisfied (red), or that it has been marked Satisfied (green). Clicking on the slider will toggle the SOL between Unsatisfied and Satisfied.

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User-added image

Statute of Limitations on the Calendar

You can view all SOL dates on the calendar. Open your calendar and enable the Statute of Limitations calendar in the left hand menu (pictured below).

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SOL dates will appear on the calendar in gray tiles (pictured below). In the example below, the arrow is pointing to the SOL date for the Schafer Matter.

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Generating a Statute of Limitations Report

MyCase enables you to generate a detailed report of all your SOL dates.

Open the Reports tab.

In the left-hand menu, click on Statute of Limitations Report.

You can then define your criteria for the report (what types of cases and unsatisfied/satisfied). When ready, click Run Report to view the SOL report.

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