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You can feel confident that documents stored in MyCase are safe and cannot be lost forever because deleted documents can be restored.

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You can feel confident that documents stored in MyCase are safe and cannot be lost forever because deleted documents can be restored. Once a document has been deleted, it will be moved to the firm's Document Trash Bin. Documents cannot be deleted permanently, and they are always recoverable from this bin.

Accessing Document Trash Bin

The Document Trash Bin can be located by looking to the bottom left hand corner of your MyCase account. Select the trash can icon (pictured below), and you will be brought to your firm's trash bin. This page will include all documents that have been deleted by yourself and other firm users.

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You may filter the documents in the trash bin by both case and by deleted date.

Moving Documents to Trash Bin

In order to move a document to the trash bin, first locate the document you wish to move to trash. Documents can be found both under your main Documents tab at the top of your MyCase account and within the Documents section of any individual case. Once you locate the document you wish to move to trash, look to the right hand side of its line and select the three vertical dots. This will reveal a menu with more options. Select Move to Trash from this menu (pictured below) and confirm in the resulting window.

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Restoring Documents from Trash Bin

If a document has been moved to trash in error and must be recovered, first open the Document Trash Bin and locate the document within. The document will have two icons on the right hand side of its line. The cloud icon will allow you to download and view the document. There will also be a trash can icon with an arrow in it (pictured below). Select this icon, and the document will be returned to its original spot in your MyCase account (in the case/firm/template list it was originally uploaded to).
NOTE: Documents in the trash bin may only be viewed by downloading them first.

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You may also restore documents in bulk. To restore multiple documents at once, navigate to the Document Trash Bin, and check off all of the documents you would like to restore using the boxes on the left hand side of their lines. Once you have checked off the desired documents, select Restore in the upper right hand corner of the page (pictured below).

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Permanently Deleting Documents

To permanently delete documents that are in the trash bin, select one or more documents by checking the box in the leftmost column of any row and click the "Permanently Delete" button at the top right of the screen.


Note: Only users with the permission to permanently delete documents will see this button.


Any user that has permission to delete items from MyCase can turn this permission on for themselves. Any user that has permission to "Edit user permission settings" can turn this on for any other user.

Document Trash Bin Permissions

  • If a user can view documents, then the user will be able to view the trash bin. If the user has access to specific documents, then they will be able to view those specific documents in the trash bin.

  • If a user can delete documents, then they can move documents to the trash bin.

  • A user may only restore a document if they have the 'Add & Edit' permission on that document.

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