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The Contact List Report allows you to view a report of your contacts, leads, and companies based on filters & group them how you would like.

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MyCase's Contact List Report allows you to view a report of your contacts, leads, and companies based on several different filters and group them how you would like. Looking to report based on your contact custom fields? You can also customize this report to include any contact custom fields that you would like, remove any standard fields, and even sort the table’s columns in an order that you would like them to appear. Finally, you can filter this report by querying data based on your common standard fields.

How do I run the Contact List Report?

To access the Contact List Report, click the Reports tab at the top of the screen. In the left-hand menu, select "Contact Report". If you have never run a report before, you will be shown the initial landing page (pictured below). To run a contact report first select the Customize button to add or remove any columns that you may want to be a part of the report. If you have already created a report in the past and are simply looking to refresh your past results, choose the “Refresh” button.

How Do I Customize the Report?

You can drill down deeper into your contacts, leads, and companies by using the Customize Report button listed at the top right of the screen. A pop-out panel will appear where you will have the ability to select additional fields to include, remove any fields that you don’t desire, and drag and drop fields to adjust the order.

To add a new column start by clicking on the search window, this will prompt all of the available columns to be shown. You can also start typing to filter the list of columns.

To delete/remove a column simply click on the ‘X’ on the right hand side of the column name to remove it from the list. Please note that your report will need to be re-run to update the table with this updated information.

To rearrange the order of columns simply click on the three horizontal lines to the left of the column name and drag to your desired location. You can finalize a location within the list simply by releasing your mouse.

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Filtering Your Data

You have the ability to query this report based on several field types. For example, say you would like a list of all contacts associated with your estate law cases you can use the Practice Area filter to achieve this. Another example is say you want to search for all contacts that were added during a specific date range, you can query that as well.

To add filters to your Contact Report with the Customize Report side tab click on the option for Filters.

Filter List.png

Within the filter selection area you can choose the specific filter that you would like to add to your query. Depending on the filter selected you will then be prompted to choose additional options. For example, when selecting Practice Area you will then be prompted to select which Practice Area(s) you would like to include, like shown below.

Filter Options.png

After you've added the filters that you would like you can execute the report by selecting the Run Report button.
Please Note: Too many filters may cause the query to return no results. If this happens, change or reduce the amount of filters and try again.

Viewing and Analyzing the Report Results

When your reports has finalized running in the background it will appear within the Contact Report page. It's important to note that since it is running in the background you can feel free to navigate to other pages while this is running and return to a completed report.

After the Contact Report is displayed you will notice a list of all of your contacts, companies, and leads based on the filters and columns that you have chosen. Some columns are hyperlinked allowing you to quickly navigate to that area of your account to take action on anything you may need. You can also sort the report by a specific column by clicking on the column title and the top of the table. If your query returns more than 1,000 rows, then you will need to export the report to see the entire dataset.

Can I export this report?
The Contact Report can be exported as either a PDF or CSV file. To export, click the export report icon and choose an export format from the drop down menu. Once the export has been generated, a link in your background tasks popup will appear for you to complete the download of your exported report.
*Please Note: Exporting the PDF report with many columns can produce undesired results, reducing the number of columns listed will result in a more desirable PDF file.*

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