MyCase Client Portal Overview [w/ VIDEO]

The Client Portal is a secure environment for you to share case information, billing information, & communicate with clients & contacts.

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One of the most powerful features of MyCase is its ability to let your law firm collaborate and communicate with clients like never before. The MyCase Client Portal provides a secure environment for you to share case information, billing information, and communicate with clients and contacts. Instead of relying on scattered channels of communication (email, phone, text message, traditional mail), the MyCase Client Portal will become your clients' one-and-only platform for communication. Allowing your clients use of the client portal does not add any extra cost to your monthly subscription.

Client Dashboard

The screen shot below shows the Client Dashboard. It's what your clients first see when they login to their MyCase account. Let's take a look at the elements of this page:

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Navigation Tabs - The client has access to 5 sections: Home, Inbox, Documents, Events, and Billing. In the screen shot above, notice the red bubbles over the Calendar, Billing, and Messaging tab.

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Client Action Buttons - These are the main actions that the client can perform in MyCase. They can send you a secure message through the portal. If they are linked to a case, they will be able to upload a document that will be shared with you. Your firm will be notified when a client uploads a new document. Finally, if you have shared an invoice or trust request will your client they will be able to view that item and make a payment (if your firm has Online Payments turned on).

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What's New - This area lets the client know if they have new calendar events, invoices, documents, or messages waiting for them. Anytime a new item is shared with the client, it will appear here.

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Upcoming Events - If your client has upcoming events , they will appear here on their home dashboard.

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Recent Activity- Clients get their own Recent Activity stream that gives updates related to their case. It's important to remember that clients will only see recent activity for things that have been shared with them. If you were to upload a document to their case file, but NOT share it with them, they wouldn't see the new document appear in the Recent Activity stream.

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My Account- Client can edit their contact information or password in this section. They can also set up their time zone and automatic logout times within their preferences.

Clients can send and receive documents

Your clients no longer have to use email or traditional mail to send you documents. They can upload documents right into MyCase from their Client Portal. When they click the Documents tab, they can upload a document securely by clicking the orange Upload Document icon:

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Your client will name the document they are about to upload, add an optional description, and choose the file from their computer they would like to upload. When a client uploads the document, all firm users associated with the linked case will be notified that the client has uploaded a new document.
When you share documents with your client, they will see them filed away under the folders that you name in your case file. The folders that clients can see are only shown if they have a document within them that has a document shared.
​Note: When clients upload documents through the portal, they will be uploaded directly to the case folder, but can be moved to another folder if desired by a user at the firm.

Clients Can Send Secure Messages

Instead of emailing or calling the firm, your clients can send secure messages from MyCase. When they click the Messages tab, they'll be taken to the New Message window (pictured below).

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The client can select which firm users to send a message to. In the example above, there is only one attorney linked to their matter in MyCase. The client checks the box next to the people they'd like to send the message to. They can then enter a subject, the body of the message and hit send.

When the clients sends the message, everyone that was checked in the "To" field will receive a notification that the client has sent them a new message.

Paying Invoices or Requests for Funds

When a client clicks on an invoice, they can review all the details. If your firm is enrolled with MyCase Payments, your client will also be able to click Pay Now to enter their payment information and pay the invoice online. They can easily pay via credit card or eCheck and can make partial or full payments.

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