MyCase Client Portal Overview [w/ VIDEO]

The Client Portal is a secure environment for you to share case information, billing information, & communicate with clients & contacts.

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The MyCase Client Portal is a secure platform where you can share case details, billing information, and communicate with clients and contacts. Unlike using multiple communication channels such as email, phone, text message, and traditional mail, the MyCase Client Portal provides a centralized platform for your clients to communicate with you and your firm. This allows for better organization and ensures that all information is kept in one place.

Client Dashboard

The Client Dashboard is what your clients see when they login to their MyCase account.

  1. Top Navigation Tabs include Home, Inbox, Documents, Events, and Billing. Clients can click on each tab to see information.

  2. My Account allows them to manage settings, including their Profile and Preferences.

  3. The Send Message button lets clients send secure messages through the portal.

  4. If they are linked to a case, they can Add a Document to share with your firm. Your firm is notified when clients upload new documents.

  5. Clients can view invoices and pay (if your firm has Online Payments turned on) by clicking View Bills.

  6. What's New alerts clients to new information, such as calendar events, invoices, documents, or messages. Anytime a new item is shared with the client, it will appear here.

  7. Upcoming Events appear on the home dashboard.

  8. Recent Activity gives updates on the client's case. It's important to remember that clients will only see recent activity for activities shared with them. If you upload a document to their case file but don't share it with them, they won't see the new document appear in the Recent Activity stream.

Clients Can Send and Receive Documents

Your clients can easily upload documents directly to MyCase from their Client Portal, eliminating the hassle of using email or traditional mail.

  1. To upload a document, your client clicks the Documents tab

  2. Clicks Upload Documents

  3. Adds a Document Name

  4. An optional Description

  5. Uploads the file.
    Note: All firm users associated with the linked case are notified when a client uploads a document.

  6. Clicks Add Document button
    Note: When clients upload documents through the portal, they are directly uploaded to the case folder. However, a firm user can move them to another folder if desired.

Clients Can Send Secure Messages

Instead of emailing or calling the firm, your clients can send secure messages from MyCase. To send a message:

  1. They click the Messages tab

  2. Click the New Message button

  3. Selects the firm user(s) to send the message to

  4. Then enter a subject and message

  5. Click Send

    Note: When the clients send a message, everyone who was checked receives a notification that the client has sent them a new message.

Paying Invoices or Requests for Funds

  1. Clients can see unpaid invoices and funds requests by clicking the Billing tab

  2. Click VIEW FULL INVOICE to review details

  3. If your firm is enrolled in LawPay, your client can also click Pay Now to enter their payment information and pay the invoice online. They can easily pay by credit card or eCheck and make partial or full payments.

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