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MyCase supports import functionality to help you move between practice management systems without interruption to your business.

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MyCase supports import functionality to help you move between practice management systems without disrupting your business. It’s easy to use our simple spreadsheets to add the cases and contacts you need to begin running your business on MyCase immediately. We recommend importing your active files to help you start fresh.

What can be imported into MyCase?

  • Case and contact information (we recommend only importing active cases and clients)

  • Case open balances

  • Contact trust balances

  • Time entries & Expenses

  • Case and contact notes

Assisted Data Import:

If you are eligible, our Onboarding Team will assist you during your data migration. We will help you export your case and contact information into .CSV format and import your existing data into MyCase, so you don't lose historical records. You'll be able to start taking advantage of all that MyCase has to offer with guided account setup and training for everyone at your firm. Eligible firms (new firms that meet the minimum user count) will be assigned a dedicated Onboarding Manager. Please contact your Onboarding Manager or Account Executive if you are ready to begin the data import process!

To import yourself:

1 - Export Data from Current Software Solution
Export your case and contact information from your current software. MyCase can import information in CSV/ Excel format. Other software should be able to export their data to this type of file. We recommend you export the information in a CSV or Spreadsheet format as you will be copying that information into another spreadsheet file.

2 - Copy Exported Data into the MyCase Import Spreadsheets
Open the file you just exported, and open the MyCase Import Spreadsheets. We recommend importing your cases first, then companies, then contacts. Click the links below for step by step import instructions and to download the import templates for your:

Contacts & Companies
Time Entries & Expenses

If you do not have an onboarding manager and would like to import more data, please contact the MyCase support team.

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